Why website design is important in 2021

Since you are landed on this page you want an answer to Why website design is important in 2021? Website design is an important part of online marketing presence, it is a pre-requisite to understand the importance of web design for building a better website for your business. The design of your website can either […]

Why you need SEO for my website in 2021

Why you need SEO for my website? Since you are landed on this page definitely you need SEO for the website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, it is a set of rules for optimizing your website so that it can achieve higher rankings in search engines’ organic results. It is the process to follow […]

How to Get More Clients for Business[2021]

How to Get More Clients for Business[2021] <strong>SUMMARY</strong> Building a healthy client list can seem like a hectic task. As a business owner, you’re no doubt must aware that your client base essential for your company’s proper functioning. A list of new clients can give you a leading-edge over your competitors. “How do I get […]

Measure Everything

STEP 6: Measure Everything Traffic Statistics SEO Success Bounce Rates PPC Costs and Rates Blogging Effectiveness Social Media Audience Size and Growth(Tracking) Improved Google Page rank Email Subscribers Good Return on Investment TALK TO US TODAY AND LET’S START BUILDING YOUR DIGITAL SOLUTION  Step-1 Develop Strategy  Step-2 Create Platform  Step-3 Generate Traffic  Step-4 Convert Traffic […]

Converting Leads into Sales in 2021

Converting Leads into Sales Despite talking for automation tasks and implementing any market strategy and CRM Integration, we should also focus on some tips for increasing the sales rates as per traffic reach. For convert leads into sales we need to follow update website with in month, it should contain the information required for the […]

Convert Traffic To Leads in 2021

Convert Traffic To Leads Convert traffic to leads generation is a high process task that requires a well qualified and experienced engineers team, some good techniques and technology. Amicone makes sure about this for all its customers, to produce the best outcomes because it’s the biggest challenge in running competitive market.  Making some good offers […]

Generate More Traffic in 2021

Generate More Traffic By increasing the traffic to your website, you increase the number of opportunities for visitors to turn into leads. Amicone gives you services that help you increase your rankings and traffic which gives more leads through the site. Blogs Social Media Integration Onsite and offsite SEO Pay-Per-Click Campaigns These tasks are proven […]

The Creation and Maintenance of an Effective Website Platform in 2021

STEP 2: The Creation and Maintenance of an Effective Website Platform Site maintenance is so important that without it, having an online business is like a running merely on the seawater. Losing site maintenance directly results in losing site traffic and leads, which affect sales and services. And Website maintenance is easy and less expensive […]

Developing a Best Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

STEP 1: Developing an Best-Digital-Marketing-Strategies Developing the best digital marketing strategies is very important in 2021. the last few years, the market has changed at a very high speed. To compete in this era Digital Marketing strategy has changed the frame of market strategies. It is more helpful to the startups at its best level, […]

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